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1025-13-AL VINTAGE Plant Morphology Wall Charts, Set of three

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Providing a thread of continuity throughout the three charts in this set, the bean plant serves to illustrate the design and function of major plant parts mounted with aluminum trim

Set of three charts includes: 1027, 1028, 1029

Roots: 1026 The principal functions of roots are clarified by means of three large central illustrations, while accessory figures demonstrate tap, storage, and fibrous root systems.

Stems: 1027 Beautiful illustrations of the chief tasks performed by stems -- support for the branches, leaves and flowers, and providing the primary conduit carrying food and water to all parts of the plant. additional figures present both woody and herbaceous varieties as well as examples of stem modifications.

Leaves:  1028 Large cutaway views are used to trace the pathways for water, salts and food through a leaf as it carries on photosynthesis. Companion figures detail a variety of leaf modifications which adapt plants to diverse habitats. 


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