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CD102 Muscle Trainer CD-ROM

CD102 Muscle Trainer CD-ROM

  • $65.00

Awesome product at an unbelievable price!
An amazing oldie but a goodie find during our fall warehouse cleaning frenzy.   New - unopened /At this price - all sales final
Master the muscles in the blink of an eye with this software! Excellent for medical, physiotherapy and sport science students, sport and fitness trainers, health-care professionals, etc. anyone interested in learning the human muscular system.With it's 248 high quality digital images, 241 muscles and more than 200 associated anatomical structures, the 3B MUSCLEtrainerTM software is the ideal tool to help you learning for your exam or simply to refresh your knowledge of the human muscle system.Optimal Exam Preparation on the Human Muscular System Over 440 different muscles and structures Origin, Insertion, Innervation and Function can be displayedInteractive Quiz-Function with: Variable Quiz parameters Number of attempts Time pressure Immediate and systematic quiz evaluation Long term graphical learn control over all areas .System requirements: Macintosh: Power PC/Mac OS 7.5 or higher incl. QuickTime 3.0 or higher / 24 MB free RAM / 8 x CD-ROM Drive/ Monitor resolution 640 x 480 / 32.000 Colors (16 Bit) Not compatible with Mac OS X or higher.Windows: Pentium Processor, 133 MHz / Windows 95, Windows NT / QuickTime 3.0 (Installer on CD )/ 32 MB RAM/8 x CD-ROM Drive / Monitor resolution 640 x 480 / 32.000 Colors (16 Bit)/Soundcard. Not compatible with Windows XP SP3 or higher.

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