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0320-00  Life-Size MRI Axial Torso

0320-00 Life-Size MRI Axial Torso

  • $6,139.85

Life-Size Axial Torso depicts human anatomy in cross section. The advent of modern diagnostic imaging procedures including CT scans, ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has necessitated mastery of the human internal anatomy as viewed in axial planes. In response to the demands of these growing fields, this plastic reproduction presents a series of 15 axial sections in full-color, each faithfully replicating the topographical features of its particular section plane. Individual sections are cleverly mounted on pivoting spokes which allow them to swing out horizontally, rotate, or detach from the stand for ease of study. Overall dimensions: 51x16x14 inches (130x40x35cm).

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