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1126-13  Human Body Systems Wall Charts, Set of three

1126-13 Human Body Systems Wall Charts, Set of three

  • $160.00

Colorful easy-to-understand action figures portray the form and function of three vital human body systems. 36x44

Included are:

Circulatory system: Special attention is paid to the pulmonary circulation providing understanding of the primary role of blood as the vehicle for oxygen distribution to all parts of the body.

Digestive system: Reinforcing the colorful depiction of the entire alimentary tract, supplementary action figures demonstrate the role of the epiglottis in swallowing, peristalsis, tooth types, and the intestinal villi.

Respiratory system: Augmenting the primary cutaway view of the respiratory system, color-coded action figures demonstrate the opening and closing of the vocal cords, oxygen and carbon monoxide being exchanged in the capillaries of a lung sac, and the expansion and contraction of the rib cage and lungs during respiration.

Chart set is mounted at the top with black Snap-Grip® trim that includes removable / repositionable eyelets ready for hanging

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