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Adult and Child Jaw Model Set

0890-00 Student Child and Adult Jaw Set

  • $518.99

U90  These two models, offered as a set for the first time, trace tooth development from childhood through adulthood.  
0828-06 Magnified 3 1/2 times natural size, the Child’s Jaw dramatizes progressive stages in tooth succession in the lower jaw of an eleven-year old. Four extract-able teeth, each typifying a distinct tooth type, are portrayed. A cutaway of the jawbone exposes the roots of the teeth, as well as the nerves and blood vessels that supply them. Developing permanent teeth are shown below the gum line, and one molar is sectioned from crown to root, allowing the enamel, dentin and pulp to be viewed. 21 hand-numbered features are identified in its corresponding guide.  
0829-26 The Adult Jaw, approximately the same size and scale as the Child’s Jaw, shows the full adult complement of teeth. Three teeth are split open from crown to root: the first a healthy tooth, the second with advancing decay, and the third with extensive decay and disease. 31 features are numbered and identified in its accompanying key.
Each jaw model measures approximately 14x5x9 inches overall (36x13x23 cm). 

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