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0165-00 Spinal Cord Segment Model

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0165-00 Spinal Cord Segment Model
Six-times life-size, this vinyl plastic model replicates a segment of the upper thoracic spinal cord. Sectioned both longitudinally and in cross section, a portion of white matter of the right half has been cut away to expose the anterior and posterior nerve roots. Color-coding differentiates nerve fiber type and a color-keyed circuitry schematic is mounted along with the model on a hardwood base. 30 numbered features are identified in a corresponding key.  
Overall dimensions of base: 12x8x5 inches (30x20x13 cm).
Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy
1. Dorsal column, white matter
2. Lateral column, white matter
3. Ventral column white matter
4. Anterior white commissure, white matter
5. Dorsal gray horn, gray matter
6. Lateral gray horn, gray matter
7. Ventral gray horn, gray matter
8. Gray commissure
9. Central canal
10. Dorsal median sulcus
11. Dorsal intermediate sulcus
12. Dorsal lateral sulcus
13. Ventral lateral sulcus
14. Ventral median ssure
15. Ventral radicular laments
16. Anterior spinal artery
17. Sulcal artery
18. Anterior spinal vein
19. Dorsal radicular laments
20. Left posterolateral spinal vein
21. Left posterolateral spinal artery
22. Posterior spinal vein
23. Dorsal root
24. Spinal ganglion
25. Ventral root
26. Mixed spinal nerve
27. Dorsal ramus of spinal nerve
28. Ventral ramus of spinal nerve
29. Gray ramus communicantes
30. White ramus communicantes

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