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Cardiopulmonary plaque model

0192-00 Cardiopulmonary Model

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Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy0192-00  Cardiopulmonary System (Heart and Respiratory Organs)

Fully three-dimensional and mounted on a hardwood base, this life-size unbreakable plastic model includes lungs, trachea, heart, esophagus, and complete larynx with vocal cords, all in their natural position.

The right half of the larynx can be removed, as well as the heart and half of the left lung, which exposes the bifurcation off the trachea and bronchial tree, the pulmonary arteries and veins. The heart itself splits in halves to show its four chambers and valves, thus providing understanding of the directional blood flow there. Pulmonary circulation can also be easily traced, and with major vessels of the systemic circulation depicted, blood flow through the entire body can be demonstrated.

58 numbered structures are identified in the corresponding key.

  1. Hyoid bone

  2. Greater horn of hyoid bone

  3. Lesser horn of hyoid bone

  4. Median thyrohyoid ligament

  5. Lateral thyrohyoid ligament

  6. Thyrohyoid membrane

  7. Thyroid cartilage

  8. Superior horn of thyroid cartilage

  9. Inferior horn of thyroid cartilage

  10. Epiglottis

  11. Arytenoid cartilage

  12. Cricoid cartilage

  13. Cricothyroid ligament

  14. Cricotracheal ligament

  15. Cricothyroid muscle

  16. Thyroid gland

  17. Tracheal cartilages

  18. Vocal cords

  19. Esophagus

  20. Trachea

  21. Bifurcation of trachea

  22. Right bronchus

  23. Left bronchus

  24. Right lung

  25. Left lung

  26. Heart

  27. Right atrium

  28. Left atrium

  29. Right ventricle

30. Left ventricle
31. Bicuspid valve
32. Tricuspid valve
33. Semilunar valve of pulmonary artery 34. Semilunar valve of aorta

35. Aorta
36. Superior vena cava
37. Inferior vena cava
38. Pulmonary artery
39. Pulmonary veins
40. Right coronary artery
41. Left coronary artery
42. Anterior coronary veins
43. Posterior coronary veins
44. Coronary sinus
45. Right innominate vein
46. Left innominate vein
47. Right subclavian vein
48. Right jugular vein
49. Left subclavian vein
50. Left jugular vein
51. Right subclavian artery
52. Right carotid artery
53. Left subclavian artery
54. Left carotid artery
55. Aortic arch
56. Thoracic or descending aorta 57. Thoracic vertebrae
58. Intervertebral disc

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