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0207-13/1 All-In-One Super Skeleton, Hanging

  • $1,141.00

0207-13/1 All-In-One Super Skeleton, Hanging

Versatile All-in-One Skeleton packs a host of features into a single attractively-priced package. Made in Germany by 3bAnatomical

Full-featured and understandably popular, All-in-One Skeletons combine the attributes of painted-muscle skeletons, ligamented skeletons, and flexible-spine skeletons all-in-one specimen.

Features include:
  • Three-part skull with spring-articulated mandible and detachable calvaria.
  • Hand-painted muscle attachments on the left half origins red, insertions blue.
  • Resilient simulated joint ligaments articulate the right shoulder, elbow, hip and knee.
  • Number-coded bones and anatomically-significant structures of the right half.
  • Flexibly-articulated spinal column capable of natural bending and twisting postures.
  • Lumbar disc prolapse.
  • Simulated spinal cord and paired spinal nerves.
  • Cervical vertebral arteries.
  • Multilingual identification key to coded structures.
  • Dust cover.
  • Five-spoked swivel caster stand

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Also avail in sacral mount 0207-13

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