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2026-08 Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements Poster

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A visual reference for students to reinforce the abstract symbols for chemical elements in full color.  Laminated 38"x25"  published 1995 closeout

Provide your students with a concrete visual reference to reinforce the abstract symbols for the chemical elements, with this one of a kind periodic table which incorporates a crisp full color photograph of each element in an everyday application. For those elements whose applications are not so readily apparent, a photo typifying the nature and physical state of the element in its pure form, such as a flask of liquid bromine and containers of red and white phosphorous. Radioactive elements are identified by the radiation symbol, on which the half life of the element, printed in red, is superimposed. Additional information provided on the chart includes atomic symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, group number and period. INCLUDES Notebook size poster fold out with imprtant physical data of the elements, eletron configuration, covalent stomic radii and ionic radii in pm.

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