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0344-30 Muscle Arm and Leg Set, 3/4 Life Size

0344-30 Muscle Arm and Leg Set, 3/4 Life Size

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0344-30 Muscle Arm and Leg Set

3/4 life size muscle arm and leg models.  Set includes 1 each: 

0343-10 Six-Part Muscular Anatomy of the Arm and Shoulder
Scaled to 3/4 life-size, this vinyl plastic replica presents the muscles, nerves, tendons, blood vessels and bones of the left hand, wrist, arm and shoulder. Five superficial muscles can be individually detached to expose the more deeply lying muscles. Includes key card. Model stands 24 inches (60 cm) high on a pedestal base, and lifts off for hands-on scrutiny
0342-20 Nine-Part Muscular Anatomy of the Leg and Hip
Dissectible into a total of nine parts, this 3/4 scale reproduction depicts the muscles, nerves, bones, tendons and blood vessels of the left leg, foot and hip. Eight superficial muscles detach individually to expose the deeper muscle layer. Key features are numbered for identification in the accompanying key card. Mounted vertically in an inverted position on a pedestal base. The leg stands 30 inches (77 cm) tall.

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