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AF170401 SHRINK RAY created so our Biologist's Gunner Lents and R&D Monk Dudak could travel within a human body

AF170401 SHRINK RAY created so our Biologist's Gunner Lents and R&D Monk Dudak could travel within a human body

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The DGi Shrink Ray was created so our Pilot illustrator, Gunner Lents and sculptor Monk Dudak could travel within the human body, allowing us an up close and personal view of human biology. This gives us the needed edge to create products that are anatomically awesome.

The mastermind HiYa Lee, working with Govt. agencies such as the C.M.D.F. (Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces) and the D.T.D. (David's Tape and Detail) and after numerous trials successfully shrunk our team and then inserted them up an orifice of our captive specimens known as RoBo and Funkytown.  Robo responded to an ad looking for a Superior Male Cuban but due to a printing error read- Superior Male Cubfan, while Funkytown, was found wandering in a circle in the Amazon with a spear stuck in his hip. 

Our navigation tech etPHONEhome, monitors their location and if its getting too close to cocktail hour schedules a pickup.  If needed our AssemblyAssassinHoa sucker punches them and ejects them with a bit of effort.  Sometimes things get messy so the Biohazard cousins stand ready, DJango stirs it up and molds it while Leo scrapes up the err- biology if needed. Samples are then sent to lab 1 to be sliced and sanded by HelloKelly and OhNoNoPolo who ships the samples off to  lab #2 for detailed analysis and testing. 

Lab 2 is all women because they are swimming in work and know the brushstroke. The E=Y2 team; cha- cha-cha-CHI-a, PhanhHongalicious, Quyen-the koolest girl ever, ImafanofPhan, and the girl "no one can live without" Trang, can really paint the town red. 

 TamDan then takes over and numbers and labels units and stores them on shelves for future use or If something looks puzzling, master RinTinKinh takes on the digit samples like Snoop-dog take on Marijuana.

Records are sewn up by jLO and collected by LadyTaTa and then sold to the highest bidder by Andros the Power Ranger.

Available in three sizes  - Micro, Milli, Mega


Product review:

Gilbim - Miniaturization doesn't actually make sense unless you miniaturize the very atoms of which matter is composed. Otherwise a tiny brain in a man the size of an insect, composed of normal atoms, is composed of too few atoms for the miniaturized man to be any more intelligent than the ant. Also, miniaturizing atoms is impossible according to the rules of quantum mechanics. I declare this product is a fake!

 Note from the president: It is fake, thanks for playing.   

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