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0791-00  Hand Therapy Model for Desktop Reference

0791-00 Hand Therapy Model for Desktop Reference

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DH99  Complete with quick-reference booklet covering hand anatomy relevant to hand injury and therapy, this colorful visually-oriented desktop model illustrates key features of structural anatomy that are essential to understanding and treating hand injuries.
Cast from an actual human hand and wrist, both the volar and dorsal aspects of this life size replica have been schematically painted to aid the clinician or therapist in the visualization of the following significant anatomical structures and injury zones within the hand: Bony anatomy, Primary tendon and ligament structures and how they relate to bony anatomy, Palpable superficial tendons, nerves and blood vessels of the volar wrist, Schematic representations of the thenar and hypothenar muscles of the palm, Five primary types of fracture injuries common to the hand, Tendon injury zones on both the dorsal and volar aspects of the hand
Freestanding in an upright position, the desktop therapy hand model measures.  Original concept by Sheri Roberts, Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist, 13H×6W inches overall.

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