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S274  Clinical Education Package

S274 Clinical Education Package

  • $499.00

This set includes all the essentials for practitioners and students of massage, physical therapy, chiropractics, osteopathics, or orthopedics.
The set features our Premier™ Spine with the all new Spine Palpation Trainer. The trainer simulates the soft tissue (muscle, skin and fat) that overlies the vertebral column allowing the user to improve their tactile and kinesthetic skills at knowing which vertebral level and which spinous process is being palpated.
Also included, two items to improve your general knowledge of of the skeleton. A 28 inch mini skeletal replica of an adult human skeleton which is large enough to incorporate essential anatomical details, yet lightweight and compact enough to be easily manipulated on a desktop. Nearly all bones, except those of the hands and feet, are individually cast and articulated, reproducing natural movement at joints in ways you would only expect to find on full-size preparations.
A set of over 300 flash cards featuring various aspects of all of the bones in the skeletal system. Each 4"x6" inch card contains a highly-detailed illustration or photograph and anatomical terms to prompt self-quizzing or group review. A $40 value, this set is yours free with the purchase of the clinical education package (while supplies last).

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