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CD160  Anatomica: Digital Atlas of the Human Body CD-ROM - Single User

CD160 Anatomica: Digital Atlas of the Human Body CD-ROM - Single User

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Awesome product at an unbelievable price!
An amazing oldie but a goodie find during our fall warehouse cleaning frenzy.   New - unopened /At this price - all sales final
Affordable cutaway guide to human anatomy & physiology:
Easy-to-use, Anatomica provides a detailed look at the human body - a layer at a time! Unique cutaway digital atlas lets your students view over 2,000 parts of twelve major body systems.
Twelve detailed, graphical layers can be removed one at a time by first selecting a body area and perspective -- front, back, or side. Then use the cursor-directed location and magnification tools to access a detailed view of the anatomical region. Exposed organs and structures are identified and can be further investigated by accessing the extensive background text - including anatomical disorders - or one of the complementary illustrations or animations.
Database includes internet links to related websites. Text and images can be printed for later study. Includes thorough coverage of the following body systems: autonomic nervous • circulatory • digestive • endocrine • lymphatic • muscular • nervous • male reproductive • female reproductive • respiratory • skeletal • and urinary.  Systems Requirements: Win 95 or higher. Mac 7.5 or higher. 16MB RAM.

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