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U49 Elementary Planetarium Model and Chart Set

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U49 Elementary Planetarium and chart set includes model and full size poster

The Elementary® planetarium (orreries) is a perfect beginning model to illustrate individual concepts, one at a time. In this model, the Earth and moon are moved separately, by hand. The ladder-chain-and-gear drive keep the axis of the Earth pointed at a 23- 1/2° angle, toward the North Star. An instruction book, Elementary Planetariums, is included. Height: 12” Arm length Among the many basic concepts and phenomena that can be demonstrated with this model are:
• The reason for the occurrence of night and day
• The variation in the length of daylight
• The movement of the Earth around the sun from west to east
• Why only one side of the moon is seen from the Earth
• How eclipses of the sun and moon occur
• Cause of the phases of the moon

1942-01 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Poster was originally publish in the 1940's, this poster includes information and original illustrations of the following:

  • The sun's inner corona with prominences
  • The corona at minimum and maximum sunspot activity
  • Eclipse of the sun 
  • Eclipse of the moon
  • The path of moon's shadow across the earths surface July 9, 1945
  • The changing appearance of the sun's disk during a partial eclipse
  • Various  passage of the full moon through the earth's shadow

Descriptive text on bottom of poster is in English, French, Spanish, German

Digitally remastered in vibrant colors.  Size 44"x36


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